Wednesday, February 3, 2010

There's Kimchee Everywhere!!

Yesss...12 hour flight down, another 4 hour flight to go until Bangkok! I am in probably the cleanest airport I have ever placed foot in; im nervous to be here cause I feel like they are going to bust me for not showering in the last 15 minutes. My mom and I keep looking at eachother saying, "what are we doing here?? Are we really doing this trip?". I love that I get to share this with her, this is for sure the ballsy-est trip we have ever done.

So far I want to eat everything in sight and put as many spicy sauces on it to burn my tongue until I return to the states in 2 months. I also feel like there was a time I thought I was semi-trendy with my fashion; now I am being put to shame and we aren't even out of the airport yet.

More to come soon, see you in Bangkok!


  1. Sissssyyyy. I just wrote a really witty comment and then closed the box by accident. Do you miss my wit all the way from bangkok?

    Here is a summary:

    Please post pictures of every morsel of food you eat and dedicate at least 1 blog a week to only those pictures and descriptions. And write it to me.

    That airport does look exceptionally clean.. just wait till you haven't showered in 15 days!

    Here's what you've missed out on in Los Angeles since you've left:

    Last night we devoted 3 hours to watching Lost. This morning Bickel and I spoke words to eachother before the hour of 9 AM.

    That is all.

    I miss you sissy!

  2. I adore kimchee. and I (sometimes) adore you. Therefore this relationship should work out.