Thursday, April 8, 2010

Amazing Angkor Wat

I wasnt totally sure I would make it to Cambodia, it was on my "sort of" list, but I am so glad I took that 18hr busride to Siem Reap! I got to check out Angkor Wat and even stayed til sunset. It was blazing hot (when is it not) but I wanted to spend as much time there as possible...before I got heat stroke.

At the end of the day I hiked up a hill to watch the sunset from the top of one of the temples. This has become one of my favorite photog moments!

Entering the World of Cambodia

Oh quickly a butt goes numb during a 18hr busride just to cross a border. It was NOT my favorite moment of my trip, but a necessary one. Not only did it teach me how to get myself into a Zen state (or else I would punch everyone around me in the face) but it also taught me to never take money for granted. Neil and I had to live on $1 for 2 days because we used every last penny to cross the beautiful border you see below (yup, thats the Laos/Cambodian border). So...we survived off a roll of bread and cheese. Oh, and for anyone that has never seen a squat toilet, this is what I have been dealing with for 2 months.

Once we got to Cambodia, and after the quick trip to the ATM, we experienced the amazingness that has been my trip. During this trip I have gone from chasing cockroaches off my bed to then sleeping in the most beautiful hotels in the world. Thanks to a WONDERFUL family friend, we were graced with the good that is Le Meridien. I know...SO not cool backpacker, but I could have cared less once I saw the pool.

But, we made up for the shwanky-ness by eating on the streets of Siem Reap. It was actually one of my favorite meals ever! But a little bittersweet cause I was saying goodbye to my travel partner in crime, Neil :( Very sad, but he had to move on and do the Thai beaches and I am not done with Cambodia yet!

Neil also forced me to experience my own personal hell (for the second time in Asia) and put my feet in a huge tub of fish that eat my feet. THE WORST, but my feet were quite deliciously smooth after!

4,000 Islands

Sometimes after staying in Le Meridiens you need to remind yourself what a $3 room looks like. This was one of the many things I was reminded of while staying in the 4,000 islands in Laos. I was also reminded that sometimes a shower in the river is better than having to reach around cockroaches to grab for the soap in the shower provided. Whatever, same water...
This is a view of the shmancy room and our front porch; and the buzzing main street of Don Det. It got pretty crazy at night when they allowed for electicity later than 9pm:

The porch and view from our bungalow made the entire trip worth it. Some of the best sunsets in Laos!

Even though it was at least 150 degrees, Neil and I decided it would be best to catch a breeze while on a bike. We got through the town in about 10 minutes, but we did see a monkey on a leash. Actually more sad than cool, but the river was beautiful!

Next up, we had to jump on a bus to jump the border into my last country of CAMBODIA! Note to future travelers: when they say it is a 10hr busride just know to almost double that number and that is the actual amount of time it takes. Yuck.