Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Favorite Questions as a Birthright Israel Staff Member

1. Should I wear comfortable clothing on the 15 hour long flight to Israel?
2. Is it cold outside, like, do I need a jacket? (this is asked whilst standing outside next to the bus)
3. Will there be other things to eat in Israel BESIDES hummus?
4. Will they have plugs in Israel for my straightner?
5. Where is the bathroom? (this isnt that funny, but it is heard on a Birthright trip ballparked at 34 million times a day, so it should be included)

I also wanted to give you a little more of the life I live while in Israel:

My favorite view from Mesada

Co-Staff Matt, he lets me take over the mic. Smart man.

Gorgeous view of Tel Aviv from Jaffo

Mesada at sunrise

An induction ceremony at the Wall. Pretty rare, we were lucky to be there to see the new soldiers sworn in

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Monk Who Houses Me

This is just a special post to my friend Jordan Monk Yer Dumb Silverman. Thanks to taking me in, taking my fork when need be and bringing me to lunch. You are my Monk and I will miss you.

My Return From the Holy Land!

I know I didn't really play the blog game like I should have while in Israel BUT I had a lot of camels and hummus that got in the way. This was my 7th trip to Israel and made me fall in love with the people and surroundings more than ever. It might be because I dont know if this was my last time; sometimes I forget how lucky I am to have a job that throws me there twice a year.

I just spent the last 11 days leading 40 Americans (from L.A...amazing we survived without Starbucks and traffic) and 8 Israelis. We travel on a bus up and down Israel learning about the culture and history. At this point I have been to some places so many times I get to lead my own mini tours. They are usually food themed where I point out my favorite burger and hummus spots; those are just as important as the 2,000 year old monuments. It is exhausting, exciting and life changing and I cant believe I have had the chance to staff it so many times.

Israel means so much to me and its hard to put into words, so I will do it better through pictures.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Amazing G'Byes at the Federation

So odd to walk away and not cry because I was so happy with the way I left. The Federation was an amazing home for 2 years. Such love in that room, thank you so much to everyone that came. Thank you for the warmest send off a girl could ask for. Teddy, the video will forever make me happy and want to crawl in a hole at the same time...slow motion sucks :)

Tomorrow off to the Holy Land! A massive breath of emotions. Exciting, sad, happy, nervous, ready, not ready at all. Just gotta go with it and jump you all.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kick Off!

Here it first blog post and my last day at the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles. Such a bitter sweet ending to my last two years working with amazing people for a cause I really believe in. I am two days away from my sixth trip to Israel in two years, I am just as excited as I was for my first trip. I now feel totally comfortable wandering around the Holy Land, leading 50 people to my favorite Shakshuka spot in Jaffo or my favorite bar in Jerusalem. It's an amazing job and im extremely sad to leave. Not really sure why I am leaving because it seems a little crazy to exit when things are great; but maybe that is the perfect time. I guess we will have to see...