Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Favorite Questions as a Birthright Israel Staff Member

1. Should I wear comfortable clothing on the 15 hour long flight to Israel?
2. Is it cold outside, like, do I need a jacket? (this is asked whilst standing outside next to the bus)
3. Will there be other things to eat in Israel BESIDES hummus?
4. Will they have plugs in Israel for my straightner?
5. Where is the bathroom? (this isnt that funny, but it is heard on a Birthright trip ballparked at 34 million times a day, so it should be included)

I also wanted to give you a little more of the life I live while in Israel:

My favorite view from Mesada

Co-Staff Matt, he lets me take over the mic. Smart man.

Gorgeous view of Tel Aviv from Jaffo

Mesada at sunrise

An induction ceremony at the Wall. Pretty rare, we were lucky to be there to see the new soldiers sworn in


  1. i will give you ten dollars when you learn how to spell mAsada.

  2. just now found your blog and i love that you included that picture of us from mAsada :) but why wouldn't you? it's SUPER cute ;) - miss you!