Thursday, January 16, 2014

Breaking Bad Bus

I would like to extend some very important thank you's:
The first is to Richard Seiler (Michael's wundahful father) who allowed us to tap into his Netflix account.
The second is to the creators of Breaking Bad.
The third is to the genius who decided to grace the King Quality bus line with shotty, but workable wifi.

Our 18-hour busride was semi-manageable because of all these factors.  We splurged for the top of the line bus to take us from Guatemala City to Managua, Nicaragua and one of the perks, besides the questionable meat dish and hot dog they served, was that our buses (there were 3) came with wifi that allowed us to watch 8 episodes of Breaking Bad while cruising through Honduras and El Salvador.  Granted, every 5 minutes we had to do the dance of pausing while it buffered, shutting down the app and stroking the IPad for good luck that our saving grace show would come back on.  

Holding the IPad, praying it would stop buffering and give me Walt back.

It wasn't actually that bad.  We were confused for 90% of the ride because all announcements were made in lightning-speed spanish and we would randomly follow people off the bus and onto a new bus with no real explanation.  It made MegaBus look like they had their stuff together.  Breaking Bad may have been a questionable choice to watch while crossing the borders.  Even though I had nothing to worry about, the experience of having a narcotics officer go through my bag at the Honduras border left me with some drenched palms.  

Crossing the border from Guatemala into El Salvador.  There was a strike at the border, so we had to actually walk across the bridge into the new country.  Our bags were still in Guatemala at this point, we just hoped they would join us on the other side. 

At the beginning of the ride.  There was still happiness in our eyes.

The aftermath

I have no more pics from the ride, mostly cause I don't need to remember the inside of that bus.  Now it's time to dig into Nicaragua!  We have earned it. 

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  1. Looks like a wonderful trip. You mentioned "Breaking Bad" - we just finished watching all 5 seasons w/ friends over a period of about 7 weeks. Movie night w/ simple dinner & popcorn is a highlight of each week! Be safe & continue creating wonderful memories. Love, Chana & Al