Thursday, January 9, 2014

Antigua ---> Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

On the move again!  After our rush of adrenaline on New Years in Antigua, we made the trek west to the beautiful sites of Lake Atitlan.   Before I tell you about the Lake, I just want to show some gorgeous shots of our final home in Antigua: EarthLodge.  It is set, wait for it, in front of a few volcanoes and looks over the town of Antigua.  We got some good hiking in and good use of the hammock in our treehouse.

After saying goodbye to our house in the trees we jumped on another bus, this one boasted one flat tire and some questionable driving skills through the mountains to get us to the lake.  
The Lake sits in between 3 different volcanoes and all around it are several towns, all of them with different personalities and vibes.  And I do mean viiiiibes maaaaan.  The Lake has attracted many hippie yogies over the year, so I have seen several heads of multi-colored dreads and patchouli wafts through the air as I walk by people wishing me Namaste.  You can imagine the pace of the Lake is...umm...sorry, I just drifted off maaaan...

Our first home at the hostel La Iguana

We decided that after almost a month on the road living in hostels and eating from menus it was time to do our own thing.  The house hunt led us to our castle on the top of the hill.  This pretty little shack will be our home for the next week.  Time to cook, work a little and discover what else the Lake has to offer.

A view from the porch

The first meal!  

This house has been the location for my 2nd go 'round with food poisoning, so I am thankful for the comfy bed and wifi so I can watch Summer Heights High on the balcony.  Michael is off hiking a volcano today while I take down tea.  I told him to take lots of pics so we can share the sites of the top of the rock, but I wont take credit for the 3 hour hike up; that's all him.  

One more fun/insane antidote.  The method of getting from town to town, if you don't want to hike 3 hours, is to jump on one of the Lake's shuttle boats.  These boats can carry around 30 people max, which of course means at high time they try to push the limit of personal space.  We got on a boat yesterday on a particularly breezy day.  That meant jumping the boat over these swells and using their technique of a boat windshield: a massive tarp that everyone in the front has to hold up.   No tarp?  It's like being on a ride that at the end sends you shooting into a wave of water.  There will be no dry rides here at the Lake.

Waiting for my chariot to take me through the waves

The Tarp Method 

Tomorrow will be a new day, with no food poisoning!  

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  1. The Blue is the bluest blue I've ever seen....such color! Glorious spot to chill and watch the blue....