Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala ----> Managua, Nicaragua

Guatemala you have been good to us!  You were full of some of the most gorgeous landscapes, natural springs, hostels with lots of little multi-legged friends and delish beans and rice.   We have spent 3+ weeks here and gotten a nice full plate of what Guat dishes out.  But, it is time to move on to a new love: Nicaragua!  

We finished up our week on Lake Atitlan and had an amazing time in our massive house on the hill.  I will say, I am sad to go because this house had the most unreal views I have ever lived with and it was fun to bounce around each town by boat.  But, the hike up to the house left me without breath for a few minutes and every night we shared our home with a little guy we like to call Jeffrey: a massive spider that sat watching us and who we hoped would just sit tight on his wall.  The house is yours, Jeffrey.  We give up.  

Our final breakfast on the patio.  Ugh. 

On a hike up to the Yoga Forest.  So zen-like. 

It is now time to physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually prepare for an 18-hour busride taking us from Guatemala to Nicaragua.  We will speed through Honduras and El Salvador, but we are skipping both countries as a late Chanukah present to both of our families.  Those countries haven't proved to be the safest according to the gov. reports (what do they know?!) so we figured make everyone happy and sit on a bus for a day and breeze through them.  See you on the bus! 

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