Friday, March 5, 2010

Out of Motobikes and Back to the Beach

I made it out alive, no more Ho Chi Mihn for me, thank you. I actually started to get a little used to turning my brain off when I hit the streets there and dodging motorbikes became only really scary instead of ready-to-give-me-a-heart-attack terrifying. Meeting wonderful people in Saigon made it much better, thanks to one of my new friends Terry!

There were about 5 plates of delicious food on the table, obviously we couldnt be bothered with taking a picture before eating.

I took an overnight train and arrived in Nha Trang where I ran back to the peace of the beach. I shared the waves and some delicious home cooked food with some great people from all over. Nothing like some bbq'd clams to make up for the rise in blood pressure from Saigon.

Some new friends!

I also sampled a little Vietnam nightlife. The dancing was much better than the drinks, as shown here with my new Scottie, Neil. I am swimming in accents and it takes every bone in my body to hold me back from speaking in my fake British accent. Sometimes very quietly I will just repeat every word I hear; get excited for me to be non-stop Brit when I get back!

Tonight I will catch another overnight train to Hoi An!

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  1. dying laughing over this: "sometimes very quietly i will just repeat every word i hear" -- YOU ARE SOOOO NOT KIDDING.