Saturday, March 13, 2010

So Much Seafood, So Little Time

Walking through the fish market in Hoi Ahn sort of reminded me of trying to tackle Trader Joe's on Pico Blvd at around 6pm on a Sunday night. I mean, there are a few differences like there are bowls of jellyfish lying around, motorbikes are pushing past you instead of college kids and instead of 2 Buck Chuck its vats of fish guts. So, pretty much the same thing.

Seriously, just a huge bowl of jellyfish

Its so loud, sweaty and smells HORRIFIC, but it was awesome to know that this was the real thing. The locals weren't just there for tourist satisfaction, it was where the best seafood came from and where they could fight over a 3 pound prawn.

After buying ingredients at the market I attempted my best cooking skills with a dull knife and shaky hands from the coffee that is like jet fuel over here.

After devouring pounds of fish we jumped on a bus and winded through the mountains toward Halong Bay! The weather decided it would take a break from sun and emulate a true San Francisco day. It was a welcomed break!

Neil, Nicole, Megs and I enjoy the fog

Next up is a little time on Halong Bay!


  1. So what do you do with a big bowl of jellyfish? Is that food? How does one prepare a succulent jellyfish for dinner? Oh the odor of a fish market. I can smell it now. No, that's the smell of the sea lions at Fisherman's Wharf. Same thing. Yish....How does Laos compare to VN or Thailand?

  2. Eeew, i have NO idea how you prepare jellyfish!? It looked like a big bowl of Jello and I kinda wanted to stick my hand in there. I am not sure how Laos will compare, just our first night here. From what I gather I think life sloooowwwwsss waaaaay dooooown. I will have to have lots of patience which you know I am FULL of! I love you mama!