Monday, March 22, 2010

I Found Chico State in Laos

What? Wait, what just happened? Suddenly im 21 again and back at Chico State...but im in Laos. Im so confused. I didn't know what to expect about Vang Vieng, but I should have gotten the message when I stepped on to the bus headed for this mystery town, only to find it full of crazy looking kids who didnt break the 30yr old age barrier. Should have been a clue.

When we stepped off the bus, after our 4hr journey, we had already made friends with 2 English guys, an Irish girl and the 3 English girls from Vientiene. It was nice cause I had this group, all ready to take on the town together!
Neil and I ready for the adventure and our group for our first meal on the river.

I sadly have no pictures of the main attraction in Vang Vieng: Tubing. I will paint you a picture. A ton of people in tubes, rope swings, bars built in to the side of the river. When the bar staff wants you to come to their bar they heave water bottles tied to a rope over to your tube and then pull you in. The rest of the day...I guess you will just have to visit yourself to see the true craziness!
This is the river (untouched by the party) and Neil gets us suited up with red bandanas for our second day of tubing

After everyone is back from tubing, the best part of the day starts. You grab a seat/couch/bed and plant yourself in front of huge tv's playing non-stop Friends or Family Guy. Yes, this was my heaven. Match it with a tuna sandwich and I could have lived my whole life here...on what money? I have no idea.

Our little family of English, Irish and Scottish parked in front of Friends

Later at night, after everyone is full of Friends and chicken sandwiches, the town picks up again. Fire limbo (dont worry, Dad, I stayed away) and apparently guys dancing around with snorkles. He took a quick liking to Neil.

It was a fantastic escape from all reality, even travel reality, but I had to get out. It would be easy to get sucked up in tubing and Friends, but I also enjoy my soul and health, so on to Luang Prabang! It was nice to be back at Chico for a second, though...

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