Saturday, March 13, 2010

You Were Crazy...But I Loved Ya

It was so nice for a second, while traveling through the quieter cities in Vietnam, to not have to hold my breath while crossing the streets. But, now in Hanoi, I can feel my heart start to race again as I build the courage to step off the sidewalk. I think its funny that I called it a sidewalk, when really its just a place for people to set up small tables and park their motorbikes.

I took refuge at one of those tables to stop for a beer and some Pho, total price for meal: $1.35

We visited the Museum of Literature and I finally understood the Entourage reference of "Confucius say: RUN, Ari!!" Confucius was a great mind, also a great scene for Ari at Joshua Tree. And, I got to hit a huge drum. What more could you want from site seeing?

I was then treated to one of the best stage performances since "O" in Vegas. It was on the same level as a Cirque Show. I know you think of it fondly if you have experienced it. It's the Puppet Water Show.

I wont lie to you and tell you I had any sort of clue of what was going on. All I know is that there were puppets, there was water, there was no story line, and at one point there was a dance called "Dance of the Unicorns" where the puppets were CLEARLY tigers. Loved every second of it.

Another country down! Sad to leave but also SO excited to see what Laos is all about. I had to leave some amazing people who kept me entertained with their presence at every minute. Can't wait to meet up in Laos!

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