Saturday, March 13, 2010

H-aaaaaaahhhhhh-long Bay (Get It? Like Relaxed?)

One of my fav's right here. After winding through the mist we pulled into Halong Bay, got off the bus, and didn't know what to do with ourselves because it was 50 degrees. What just happened here?? I had to makeshift warmth with tank tops and shorts under my Thai pants. Quite attractive I must say. We had to brave the freeeeezing cold (all the Euros I was with took turns bashing me for complaining about 50 degrees) as we boarded a boat to cruise the Bay.
My gem from London, Laura, and I cuddle on the front of the boat.

We spent the day on a boat in the delicious air and water sprinkled with huge rock formations.

We also had pirates invade our ship, trying to sell us fruit and pearls. There was a kid on one of them, around 4 yrs old, that could be a stuntman in the movies. He lept from his families boat to ours with about 5ft of water in between. Gutsy kid, gutsy.

View from the top, right before the caves. Neil, Laura and Saris...just a mesh of delicious accents.

The caves were next, sort of like It's A Small World; sans the song. It was amazing and I appreciated the stellar lighting job on the inside.

Now is on to my last stop in Vietnam, Hanoi. Vietnam has been a little crazy, a little life risking when it comes to the traffic, but all together beautiful. It is amazing to me how different Thailand and Vietnam are when they lie so close to each other. Being an American in Vietnam is an odd mix of guilt for the war but also feeling confused because I dont even know why we were here in the first place. I can't understand war in any capacity, but this was the first time I saw how it was percieved in the hosting country. I am lucky to be here...not taking any moment for granted.

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