Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Amazing G'Byes at the Federation

So odd to walk away and not cry because I was so happy with the way I left. The Federation was an amazing home for 2 years. Such love in that room, thank you so much to everyone that came. Thank you for the warmest send off a girl could ask for. Teddy, the video will forever make me happy and want to crawl in a hole at the same time...slow motion sucks :)

Tomorrow off to the Holy Land! A massive breath of emotions. Exciting, sad, happy, nervous, ready, not ready at all. Just gotta go with it and jump you all.


  1. Why didn't we get a goodbye picture together - it would sure spiff up your blog. In regards to your upcoming travels around the globe, all I can say is - I want to go to there. Have fun Jessie!

  2. jessie! i love your bloggy blog. congratulations and best of luck to you in your adventures abroad.

    love to you!!