Thursday, April 8, 2010

4,000 Islands

Sometimes after staying in Le Meridiens you need to remind yourself what a $3 room looks like. This was one of the many things I was reminded of while staying in the 4,000 islands in Laos. I was also reminded that sometimes a shower in the river is better than having to reach around cockroaches to grab for the soap in the shower provided. Whatever, same water...
This is a view of the shmancy room and our front porch; and the buzzing main street of Don Det. It got pretty crazy at night when they allowed for electicity later than 9pm:

The porch and view from our bungalow made the entire trip worth it. Some of the best sunsets in Laos!

Even though it was at least 150 degrees, Neil and I decided it would be best to catch a breeze while on a bike. We got through the town in about 10 minutes, but we did see a monkey on a leash. Actually more sad than cool, but the river was beautiful!

Next up, we had to jump on a bus to jump the border into my last country of CAMBODIA! Note to future travelers: when they say it is a 10hr busride just know to almost double that number and that is the actual amount of time it takes. Yuck.

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