Monday, February 15, 2010

Did I Miss A Day??

Well, they all say that you will get food poisoning or water poisoning or air poisoning when you are over here. I believed it, and got it, but what they didnt tell you is you will lose a day or two and not even realize it. It's 6am and we are already leaving Chiang Mai for Chiang Rai! I feel like I only had a day here, when really it was 5.

We spent one day doing what I am finding I like the most here, jumping on a bike and crusing the town! We checked out some temples and I found my elephants being worshiped on the side of one.

Because I am still healing from hugging the toilet, I apparently can't fathom the idea of eating thai food yet, depressing. So all I wanted was a tuna sandwhich (quiet, Jordana). I found heaven in a sandwich and thai iced tea.

Yesterday was great. We spent 160 baht (around $5) to jump in the back of a truck taxi and climb a mountain to see a palace and the most sacred Wat (temple) in Chiang Mai. Obviously, I was dressed wrong so while I didnt include the most heinous picture of what they made me wear, I will include the process of them slapping on some "oh, man...please cover up you dumb American" robes.

One would think that someone who has spent the last 2 years working in Israel where you never think twice to cover up would know better. BUT, im gonna blame it on the food/water poisoning.

This was from the top of the 376 steps that we treked up, thank G its not too hot here.

Mom, in her fav. pose.

And here is my favorite. We found this guy in a temple while riding around. Mom literally sat there for an hour watching him. She was miming to Thai people a heart beat to ask, "is he real? is he human?" For SOME reason they didnt understand. When we asked outside, they told us he is a Monk who died a while ago, this was his wax statue. Whatevs, we were sitting by fans so it was ok.

See you in Chiang Rai!

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