Sunday, February 28, 2010

And Then the Chaos Begins...

I dont really know how to explain Ho Chi Mihn City. If you have been here and you loved it I am not sure what to do with that either because im pretty sure I have aged another 5 years in the 2 days I have been here.

Its loud, chaotic, stressful and an absolute assault on the senses. This is how I know I couldnt do India. I wont lie, it is not my favorite place to be, but I met some great people that made walking around a lot more enjoyable. Gotta love the guys from London! I spent my first night here with 5 of them, drinking beers and eating delicious Pho, which is a huge plus of being here.

The next day I cruised around the streets with Joel, a guy from London. We battled the traffic (takes a few breaths to build up confidence to jump in) and visited the main market. I had to remember that people's sense of personal space in Vietnam is out the window. Being grabbed and pulled by the arm into someone's store is the norm. So is having your ankle grabbed by a homeless guy that was missing 80% of his skin on his face. That was when I knew I wasnt in Koh Phi Phi anymore. It takes getting used to, which I dont know if I will in 5 days being here.

The market offered another smack in the face when I watched this lady preparing frogs for a scrumptious meal. She was taking live frogs by the legs and slamming them into the ground with not even a thought. My thought was it might be time to consider life as a vegetarian. I have witheld the video, but its pretty narly.

The day ended when Joel and I decided to treat ourselves to overpriced cocktails on the rooftop bar of the Sheraton. Sometimes you just need a rooftop bar to get out of the noise.

I will be happy to get out of here and see what else Vietnam has to offer. It will also be lovely to cross a road without the fear of being run down by thousands of motorbikes. Don't worry, Dad...I take my time and usually jump behind a local to cross the big roads.

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