Friday, February 5, 2010

Paying $4 For a Thai Massage Makes Me Happy

YES! First post from Bangkok. Please excuse my lack of pictures, they will come soon! I have a ton of Buddahs, curry and me looking quite sweaty so stay tuned. Bangkok is an amazing mesh of sounds, smells every 2 feet (sometimes amazing and sometimes sends me to the verge of heaving), monks, Buddahs and street food that I am so excited to try. I am trying to warm up my stomach to the idea of eating things that may tear it up, so curry for the first night and tonight I will jump into my street cart dream! My mom and I have been everywhere it seems and we have only been here for a day and a half. We went to bed the first night at 3am and woke up at 7am like a kid on Chanukah...or whatever is really exciting. We immediately started mapping out our destinations and I have decided that finding out how to manhandle public transportation is my new favorite thing.

We headed out to see the mess of Buddahs that surround the river and didnt stop until late that evening when both of us couldnt have stood anymore. The Reclining Buddah was by far my favorite. It was around 100ft of golden goodness; the second you step into these temples you feel a huge breathe of fresh air and a sense of calm come over you.

Today we are taking on Khoa San rd which is what I have been waiting for, backpackers everywhere.

I can't even get into what our hotel looks like, you will have to wait for the pictures. Basically, I will never live like this again and I keep waiting for someone to throw me out of the Sheraton and tell me it was all a joke- my actual hotel is the hole on the side of Sukumvit Rd. You just wait for the pics....

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