Sunday, February 21, 2010

Serious veg out time

Oh THIS is what they mean about Thailand beaches! Ok, I'm not doing justice to the term back packer by staying at Le Meridian in Khoa Lak but I will surrender my roughin' it mindset for a cabana by the beach any day! Mom and I have spent our last few days together soaking up the sun (while under the safe cover of SPF 50) just north of Phuket. It has been delicious and I'm sad to think it will be over in just a few days!

But, before we made it to Khoa Lok, we visited some gorgeous gardens in Chiang Rai. I wont lie, besides the hotel and fab lady boys, this was the high point to Chiang Rai. For future travelers, I dont know if I would highly recommend trekking all the way up there. But, we still had a great time.

Khoa Lok was about 1 1/2 North of Phuket, but was well worth the trip! We fell deeeeply in love with Le Meridian and tried to take it home with us. I didnt want to pay the weight fees so all we have are pictures. Yum...

Didnt matter day or night, just an amazing beach

We decided to be active resorters and took advantage of activities like biking in 200 degree heat to a gorgeous waterfall. We also took part in Thai boxing, but thankfully there are no pictures of my fro hair and face drenched in sweat. Sorry, next time.

I had to say a very sad goodbye to mom and continue the adventure solo style. Im now kicking back in Karon Beach, a part of the Phuket province. It is a mixture of Cancun and Thai food. Not my fav, but I wanted to check out a few more beaches before I made it to Vietnam. I will visit the beach from "The Beach" and see if Leo still resides there. Im sure his dream is living where hundreds of tourists flock everyday. Definitely.

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