Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Lifetime in 3 Days

So, my last post was a little all over the place I realize. But that is sort of how everything has been in the last 3 days of being in Bangkok. My head is spinning and I feel like I have lived a lifetime here..its amazing!

Mom and I started 3 days ago a little intimdated of our surroundings. We are staying in the most amaaaaazing hotel and it felt like a safe little nook. But once we walked out the door I just wanted to do and see everything, even on 3 hours of sleep. We went to the Emerald Temple and the Reclining Buddah. Everywhere we went just got better and better and I had to take more and more artsy photos (I am a professional photog. in my mind). We are getting everywhere using the train and river boats. They were suprisingly easy and after I took a breath I realized I could get us anywhere with a map in hand. Anyone that has traveled with me can attest to the fact that I am obsessed with all public transportation and secretly like getting lost so I can find my way back. That might not be so fun for whoever is with me, but they can just go for the ride.
The Reclining Buddah. This bad boy is like 100ft long A shot of the Bangkok canals My fav. Temple and mastering the river boat system
The heaven that is the pool at the hotel

Yesterday was filled with massages ($4...yesssss), amaaaaazing curry ($6...yessss) and a night bike ride which (dad, cover your eyes) had us weaving in and out of Bangkok traffic. I kept thinking, if I hit a tuk-tuk, who will win? We cruised through back alleys breezing by kids yelling "HELLO! BYE-BYE!". We also got to see the temples at night sans crowds and humidity; p.s. my hair has never looked so phenom as a lion's mane.
Beautiful veggies and flowers everywhere

Here is a video of the market so you can check out the chaos.

So...this next video I realize throws me into the category of TOTAL tourist and SUCH a typical tourist reaction to something abroad, BUT let me just tell you that the experience of putting my feet into a fish tank and having small fish swarm me to nibble off skin was one of my worst nightmares. My mom thought it was a great idea and somehow convinced me to do it, mostly because she told me she would pay for it.
Eeeew...feet eating fish. Its like I was in the movie Piranah (go rent it, if you havent seen it)

Here is the result, please turn down your volume...I make some un-godly noises. My apologies. Notice how I set off some howling dogs in the background too.

The trip is a dream so far (minus the fish feet...but still one of the funniest experiences in my life). Tomorrow we leave the chaos that is Bangkok and head North to Ayuthaya. We will spend the next 4 days on the road in different cities until we make it to Chang Mai. Life is a dream in Asia...see you soon!

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  1. Jess- I LOVED the video of you with your fish feet!! Oh my god, I was CRYING laughing! It warmed my heart because I liiitterally felt like I was there in the Kok with you two. What an amazing trip and experience to share with your mom. I miss you and can't wait to read more posts. Have a wonderful trip and be safe. Love you. -AL D. (P.S. Don't mind the D.T. Dolly username/post- this comment has me attached to my work blog for Diamond Terrace...don't crack up. Byyyeeee).