Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ay ay ay! Ayutthaya!

We had to say a sad goodbye to our AMAZING palace in Bangkok...so sad, but we were off to a 3rd class adventure...

We arrived at the train station to see a site I am used to in Israel, but not so much in Thailand.

I like to pretend I work for the Travel Channel...Anthony Bourdain, watch your back

When its hot, and you are done with site seeing, you buy out all flavors of ice cream in site, and call it lunch. Coconut, chocolate, strawberry, melon, grape. It was our own personal ice cream buffet.

Then you run after elephants crossing the road (not too fast cause the sweat factor after any movement is a serious issue.)

We have settled into our home at the Sukuthai Guest House. We have sheets and our very own bathroom! We are living like queens...

Off to Chiang Mai tomorrow! Another 5 hour bus ride adventure awaits! Please have A/C, please have A/C...

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