Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Zoom, Zoom (whisper it)

Usually I like to walk on the safer side of life, (I realize traveling alone in Asia and swinging on trapeze above rocks doesn't fall into that category), but for the most part I keep it Kosher.  But there is something about zooming around on a scooter that makes life just a little sweeter.  Putting Papa and Mama Sunday's best wishes aside, I jumped on an ATV with Christin and checked out the rest of Santorini.  Phenom!

We ended the day in the classic Greek way, a dinner of chocolate crepes and white wine.  And yes, another sunset for dessert.

After 3 glooorious days on Santorini we decided to jump on a ferry and check out another one of my dream islands: Mykanos!
One of my favorite moments happened in the first few minutes of being on the island.  After getting the run-around by a hotel rep (taking us to a different site than promised) we ended up in the smoky office of a travel agent.  We sat there for a few minutes watching her fumble with a search engine until my sassy travel partner got up and politely said, "umm...can I do that for you?"  What I love about Christin: teaching the Greek travel agent how to search for hotels on Google.

Thankfully, Christin and the newly educated travel agent, found us this place!  Yes...home for a few days while discovering Mykanos!

We jumped on another motorbike and hit the beach to soak up the last of the sunlight.  A nap was in high demand because we were going to do as the Greek do that night and head out starting at
2am.  We SO crazy!

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