Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's 3am: Dinnertime

I mean, its a totally normal thing for me to start taking my nap at 11:30pm, pull my friend out of her deep slumber on a lounge chair and force her into the shower so we can get ready to go out at 2am.  Yup, just like home.  At first we sort of thought it was a joke and we would get down to the bar area and there wouldn't be a soul around; not at all.  So, we joined the ranks of the locals and sat down to a lovely dinner (of a crepe) at 2am.  Mind you that is usually when im ending my night with pizza in hand.

We met some lovely locals who had made it out of Athens alive and were enjoying some much needed R&R.  After getting lost in the alleys of Mykanos and passing the same creperie 27 times, we made it to the dancefloor!

Then, as I was breaking it down to the 4th round of "When Love Takes Over" (ps. thank you K. Rowland for giving me my travel jam), Christin grabbed my hand to pull me outside.  I forgot the world keeps spinning while I am on the dance floor and suddenly the sun was up.  Funny how that happens. Good morning, Mykanos!!

That morning, before I could cry and pout about it, Christin was gone :(  What an amazing travel partner you were C-Smith!  Magical things happened, we always found the perfect food, the spirit dog, our heavenly B&B, gyros, Muslim cats, Christ cruises and vino.  Good things always happened to us, even if we found ourselves in the oddest of places.  Can't wait to make it all happen in S.F!!

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