Saturday, June 19, 2010

Island Hopping

I decided, because I know I tend to get a little lazy as a solo traveler, that I would pack my days with visiting as many islands as possible after Christin left.  I succeeded in hitting up five Greek islands in 11 days.  I thought I would give you a little dose of my fav. moments from each.

1. Santorini
By far my favorite island!  The best sunsets and the BEST company!

2. Mykanos
Ahh, dancing til' 7am.  Just like Alexander the Great...

3. Paros
The best part about solo traveling is you are ready to chat with almost anyone.  Getting free iced coffee and cake and chatting the day away in a small village with Stavros.  Yes, they are really named Stavros over here.

4. Naxos
Getting so lost on a bike and cursing whoever thought it would be funny to draw a map with their eyes closed.

5. Syros
Oh maaaan, the flowers on this island made my heart hurt.  This was my last island before heading to Spain.

Now, I hop over to Spain for some quality Sunday family hangout time!  I will miss you delicious thing, you.

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  1. this might be the first post i've seen where you are not wearing any of my clothes. mazel tov.