Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Freedom

Waking up in our new Mighty home was one of my favorite mornings ever.  We took a great mini hike and then Michael did Michael and jumped in the freezing but super fresh lake.
My favorite part about this picture is Michael sitting half naked and the local guys in full head to toe wet suits swimming next to him.  And there is our beautiful Mighty van standing proud.

From there we were off.  First goal was to get to Lake Tenau.  We had heard this was a must-do stop off and a great jumping off point to get into Milford Sound.  The BIG stuff.  The drive changed quickly to show off what kind of nature we were about to get into.
Lake Tenau was a cute little village where we did our first VERY exciting food shopping trip to fill up our Mighty van.  Amazing how the mundane things at home turn into adventures when you are traveling.  Our plan was to be self sufficient, so if we needed to be out in nature for a few days we didn't need to depend on restaurants.  Plus, I like to travel that way anyway.  After a while you just get sick of menus (right mom??)

In our first of many, we made a game time decision to head up closer to Milford Sound so we could wake up inside the giant nature.

The best part of New Zealand (one of a LOT of great things) is they have freedom camping.  This means you can pull off pretty much anywhere, as long as there are no 'no camping' signs or its private property, and set up camp. This is what we found on our way to Milford.

We ended up spending our second night by a rushing stream, giant purple flowers everywhere and picturesque mountains to back them up.  Michael couldn't get enough.  BTW, he is credited with 90% of the pictures you will see.  Great first start in Milford Sound.

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