Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Bags and the Sun Have Arrived!

Just a little update: our bags came in just as the sun decided to come hang out too!


We finally got to put the umbrellas down and dig into some hiking and kite flying.  One of the best parts about hiking around these parts (as mentioned previously) there are no scary animals or large bugs waiting to pounce on me.  I mean...this is all according to locals so you feel like there has to be truth to the "no scary stuff" theory.  I still watched carefully as we jumped puddles, totally convinced there was a 17ft croc hanging, ready to silence the local's theory.  Thankfully, the scariest thing we saw on the hike were some oversized pile of cow poop.

What a difference a sunny few hours makes!

Fiji was a great kickoff to this trip, but we are already itching to get to New Zealand for part 2 of our trip.  Auckland is next and I have heard there are a ton of similarities between Northern CA and the Kiwi homeland.  But first, we wrapped up Fiji finally with a sunset.

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