Sunday, December 18, 2016

Now SundaySeiler Around the World

Oh hiii!  Haven't seen you in about 2 years!  Feels great to open up this site again because it means I am going somewhere fun and hopefully eating things while my toes in the sand.

So here we go, honeymoon-readers!

It's happening!  The trip that seemed years away is actually here!  When we first started planning this we knew we were going big.  No sense in using the term Honeymoon and not really blowing it out of the water.  So Michael and I did a full assessment of what we wanted out of the experience to determine where to go:
-we want to see BIG shit, like make the CA coastline look tiny Kinda stuff
-we want total adventure and to hike into nature that makes our jaws drop.  Plus the kind of hiking we like to do makes me feel better about leaning hard into local cuisine
-we want a little-bit-a-beach, but doesn't need to be a 'lay there for 2 weeks and don't move' kinda thing (not that im against that)
-we want to go somewhere that takes a while to get there and we wouldn't be able to justify if we didn't have 2+ weeks.  Make us work for it!

South East Asia was out because we had both done it solo.  Australia has spiders that hunt birds and koalas have chlamydia (look it up).  We just rocked Italy (hair flip, hair flip), so Europe got bumped to the bottom of the list.  New Zealand has always had my eye; it has the landscape from Lord of the Rings and no scary animals or insects (really only a deciding factor for me as Michael would be fine swimming with sharks and would probably find it entertaining to come across a scorpion nest).   It hit all the check boxes on our carefully negotiated list, so Kiwis, here we come!!

I wish I could say that the trip has kicked off in pure bliss, but we have hit a few snags that we are simply seeing as tests.
1. Lost wallet at the airport (if you are in SFO security please look for it and return for a small reward of a hug)
2. Lost baggage from SFO to LAX.  Seriously, if you are ever to take Southwest you might as well sew your luggage to your body because you will never see it again if you check it.  So we are now the proud owners of new outfits courtesy of the InterContinental gift shop.
3. Raaaain raaaain raiiiin the second we hit the ground in Fiji.  It is very hard to bitch and moan about anything while on this beautiful island of Fiji, but really?? Hurricane Honeymoon is here to stay with us.
Here are just a few from when we saw the light:

Michael and I have become very good at Bananagrams and walking up and down a beach in the rain.  We have also killed an hour by watching a hermit crab crawl across a rainy infinite pool and debating whether or not to change the course of mother nature and move him to the sand.

Rumor on the island is the sun is supposed to make a surprise visit tomorrow.  That same rumor is said about our bags.  I will let you know which one comes true.  Can't say which one I would be more excited about; they are about even right now.

All in all, I am so excited to start this adventure with my hubs.  It's fun to read back on earlier posts in this blog, Michael had just come out to CA and we weren't sure what we were going to do on the other side of our Central America trip. And now here we are!  On the other side of our summer camp adventure wedding and jumping into mowadge-sweet-mowadge.  It's all very, very good :)

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