Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Me Gusta Espanol

Flores has been a nice ease into Guatemala.  The actual town of Flores is a tiny little island where a few locals live while the exterior, facing the lake, belongs to hotels.   We rolled the dice and booked our hostel before we got here so ended up across the water in a spot called Chaltunha.  This was a great move because we felt far enough from civilization but could easily hop over to Flores for the "city life".  City life for us just means access to street food.  Mike and I have really been digging into anything that comes from a cart or a stand.  The local street food in Flores consists of a tostada chip and some random meat paste or beet mixture spread on the top.  You can get 3 for about .75, so we made it our first meal.  We are pretty sure we just ate chicken and some sort of brown meat.  




We spent our days here walking around the island to see some awesome views and me clinging to Mike anytime I see a street dog because I am convinced it will attack me.  *note: street dogs in Thailand cursed me with a fear for all international street dogs.  Thailand dogs WILL attack you if you make eye contact.  Most Guatemalan dogs just look at you and scratch their fleas.  No interest. 

View from the treehouse atop San Miguel 

We also rented some kayaks for a few hours and covered a serious amount of the island.  Michael got sooo tired from all the hard work of paddling and pointing at things, so he sat back and I pulled him for at least 20-30 miles across the lake.  I like to think of myself as the perfect travel partner because I do all the heavy lifting.  Im pretty great. 



Ok, it was actually like 10 minutes, but I was paddling against the current so it felt like 20 miles.  He then took over and we floated onto the sidewalk of Flores which had been underwater for a few weeks cause of all the rain.  

The best part is that at the end of our kayak rental we spent about an hour with a guy named Javier practicing our extremely broken Spanish.  It was so exciting to make a point and have him understand; I said stuff!  We have had the same conversation in Spanish with anyone who will indulge us.  It's tough and intimidating and so much fun.  

Javier and Michael (Guatemalan BFF's)

Tomorrow is Tikal, so up at 4:00am to catch the sunrise.  Tikal is a Mayan ruin site just outside of Flores and supposedly houses some pretty nasty, huge spiders.  Im hoping to only see the ruins.  

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