Thursday, December 19, 2013

Belize----> Guatemala

The last few days of Belize have been full of sharks, rain, chicken bus rides, rain, .25 tostadas and um...oh ya, rain. Mike and I have become weather gurus and can now tell you when its going to rain, how hard the rain will be, what the clouds are saying. We are one with nature. We are ready for nature in Guatemala to be a little friendlier and not constantly dumping water on us. We made the best out of it, for sure. Our last day in Caye Caulker we jumped on a little boat, went out into the middle of the sea, strapped a tank to our back's and jumped in the water. It was Mike's first dive, so it took a second for him to become comfy in a world where you are dependent on a little mouth piece for your air supply. He did great and we both spent most of the time clearing our masks of water because we were laughing about how slow our world was down there.

We also met this little gem of a babe, Vicky from Boston. She is a badass solo traveler and we had some good drinks and shared even better travel stories. Good luck once you are back in the states, my love!

Then it was time to leave the island behind and take our first chicken bus 2 hours to San Ignacio. This was the spot for hiking in caves, seeing ruins and playing in the jungle. We were so ready for some adventure, until we got here and everyone told us our ideas for adventure were flooded and all the tour spots were closed. Perfect. So we made the best of our time here and saw Cahal Pech which is the local Mayan ruin in the city.

We also got caught in a serious rain storm which at first made me want to cry, but then I got into it and by the end of it I was strictly riding with my tongue out so I could drink gallons of rain water. Also, Mike makes anything fun and was asking me to rate his tour guide skills throughout the entire "bike tour". His score went up significantly when we stopped at a random little spot in the middle of nowhere for some orange draaank and .25 tostadas.

And now, we're OUT! Heading over the border today to Flores, Guatemala. We are just over a week in and I feel like I got a good amount of Belize. I don't think I am the best person to ask about it because the first thing I would say is "it rains soooo much", which it really doesn't. We just were unlucky. But, to put it in perspective, we were talking to local restaurant owners who were struggling for each dollar because tourists shockingly will not venture down certain roads if they are full of mud. So, if you are a business that happens to be on a side street that has not been paved, you will only get the adventurous backpackers who are down to climb walls and jump over fences to get to you. That was us :) We are excited to venture into our second country! See you in Guatemala...


  1. for all the rain your curls are looking fabulous!! belize and her get along i can tell. BESOS!