Monday, February 3, 2014

Maderas, Nicaragua

Our last stop in Nicaragua was kind of up in the air when we left Isle de Ometepe.  This type of travel is what I prefer, to just go with whatever plan creates itself, but it does force a good amount of on the fly choices and flexibility.  Last minute, Michael and I thought maybe we would just jump the border into Costa Rica and forget about going to San Juan Del Sur, the beach we heard most people head and therefore we wanted nothing to do with it.  We had done our share of the backpacker trail and were ready to take the road less traveled but just had no idea where to go.  
We decided last minute to take a leap and travel to a town we had heard very little about except for one dude at our last spot who said "yaaa, check out's coooool".  'Nuff said, here we go! 

We headed down a back breaking road in a cab that had sold almost all its parts for cash.  Literally, all that was left was a steering wheel and seats, we were surprised he hadn't sold the leather and just left us with foam to cushion the blow of the road. 

We pulled up to what I thought was one bar on a beach and the taxi driver told us we were here!  Where exactly were we?  I swear we just drove 20 minutes on a dirt road and there was a shack for a bar in the middle of nothing.  This was the town??  

A view of the town from the beach

But sometimes, first impressions can be oh-so-wrong.  One second of walking on the beach, again with our bags, and I knew we had found a secret little beach that was just the style we were looking for.  For the next 2 nights we camped, saw some amazing sunsets and made art in the sand.  We were going to charge people to look at our artwork cause why not?  People charge to take a picture of their pig on a rope down here. 

Our first night in our home 


That's the thing about the "towns" down here.  If they are a little off the beaten path they may just be 2 bars on a beach and therefore call themselves a town.  Works for me. 

Next up, we make a little visit to the Costa Rican border!

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